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Bag and experience to grow

Suitable for individuals and groups of up to 25 people

Our purpose is simple, to create immersive learning and travel experiences that help you thrive. Our experiences combine learning, creativity and travel, as we believe in the potential for growth when we travel.

3 day retreat in an eco location that incorporates learning, creativity and nature.

Ideal for: Corporate retreats, team buildings and group booking

Resilience and Vision Workshop
Art and Crafts
Nature Experiences
Fitness and Wellbeing

Included in package:

Transport from main station
Workshop and Activities
Food and Drink
Retreat souvenir

Location: can be delivered in rural, eco or private accommodation.
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1 day local retreat which is a condensed version of full Recalibration retreat.

Ideal for: Individuals

Resilience and Vision workshop
Local hike
Terrarium building
Duration: 7 hour days

Included in package:

Shuttle to location
Workshop and Activities
Retreat Souvenir

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You can download a Recalibration Media Pack or contact us for more information.

Launching in 2022: See more @bagd_experience

Retreat Aims:

Reflect and Recuperate
Promote Wellbeing
Engage your creativity and nature
Develop personal motivation
Connect with others and build confidence