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How Creativity got me through 2019

Last year would have seen us leaning on our coping methods, some good, some not so good….
Art and creativity was mine! Having no control and seeing the world into madness, I leaned into my art and here are some of the lessons I have learned that I will hold onto in 2021

Creating in Uncertainty – Having all my usual business contracts grind to halt, I was floating in a lot of uncertainty. When art evolved from a pass time to a passion I wanted to continue prioritising, I never thought that I would manage to carve a professional space that merges the different worlds. Creating can be the tools that helps us continue to adapt to our ever changing world.

Cure for idleness – Creating was the base cure for that anxiety feeling that threatened to overwhelm us last year.– The act of creation is sometimes greater than the finished product. Some people believe you need to be artistic to be creative, but the lessons we learn from creating help us better express ourselves.

Safe spaces – I made a conscious effort to reduce or avoid consuming messages and images that would cause me anxiety. Art became my safe space to explore and disconnect. I found that in hight times of frustration, I found peace in creating.

Curiosity – I took the opportunity to experiment without expectations of the outcome. I tried new mediums, tools, techniques and styles. By experimenting, my artistic abilities increased, while connecting me to other artists.

Productivity – Before 2020, spending my days painting wasn’t an option, but now it’s a priority that I have to balance with my other priorities. But during one of the most difficult years in my lifetime, having an art project to focus my energy helped me stay sharp, manage my time and my expectations.

Top 5 lessons Creativity taught me in 2021
Practicing Curiosity without expectation of outcome, can help you grow in different ways.

Safe Spaces – We all need a space to retreat to, whether that be a painting or a colouring book. These spaces help us find pieces in momemts of anxiety or frustration.

Best Cure for idleness is busy hands – Idleness is one of the biggest energy sappers to me, so when my energy was low or I felt demotivated, creating keeps the hands busy and quiets the mind.

Productivity – It can be hard to stay productive when you haven’t got any real focus? Getting creative or craftsy helps you have creative structure that will give you a sense of being productive and you’ll get a great sense of accomplishment on completing those creative tasks.

Creativity is great in times of transition– Fear can hold us back in times of uncertainty but having creative vision can help you carve out new opportunities that is aligns your purpose and skills….that you may have never considered.

If there’s anything 2020 taught us, its that Change is the only constant, and the only thing you can be certain about is uncertainty. We owe it to ourselves to find our personal purpose, voice and drive.