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How Creativity got me through 2020

Last year would have seen us leaning on our coping methods, some good, some not so good 😊
Some drank, or baked banana bread, Art and creativity was mine! As well as all the above. Having been working freelance and mostly remote for several years, I didn’t have to adjust my working environment, but I had to contend with the world adjusting to lockdown and remote working I knew that projects and negotiations would dry up, so I took the opportunity to lean into my art. I stocked up on art supplies before the first lockdown, knowing that if I was going to survive the professional, financial, and emotional turmoil ahead, I needed an outlet.

My intentions weren’t to start selling my art, in fact, I had only ever painted and shared my art to close friends and family and very few people even knew that I had artistic talents. I had consciously decided years ago that I wouldn’t have a career in the arts, so it has always been at the bottom of the list in my priorities.v As I built my professional career in Leadership Development, Art felt like a totally different world that I compartmentalised only to be visited when inspired and had the time.

So, 2020 was the year the artist inside me was reignited! I painted, collaged, and crafted my way through the ups and downs and got the opportunity to consistently practice my art. Something I hadn’t done in many years!

Little did I know that I would end that year of madness not only go on to sell my first pieces of art and my first ever art commission, but I become a trustee for an arts charity and delivered my first Coaching workshop for other aspiring artists building their artistic practice.

“The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.”

Sylvia Plath, The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath

Creativity came through for me this year. It brought me vulnerability, peace of mind, ignited my imagination and allowed me to take my work into new and exciting spaces.

So here are the top 5 lessons I learned through being creative.

Creating in Uncertainty – Fear of the unknown can be paralysing. Having a creative outlet will not only help you manage your mental health but will give you an opportunity to explore the unknown, sometimes carving something unique to you.

Cure for stress and idleness – Busy hands help calm the mind. Getting creative without having expectations of the outcome is a great stress reliever! Other words…you don’t have to be Picasso!

Safe spaces – Whether they are physical or mental, having a creative space to express yourself without fear of judgement and explore your vulnerability.

Curiosity – Is easy for us to lack curiosity about this world, but that stifles not only your imagination but your enthusiasm for live. Curiosity is how we grow and evolve.

Productivity – Having a goal to work to keeps you motivated about the future. Creating allows you to build your focus and with that focus, learn to manage your time and expectations.

Creativity is not just about creating art, its can be a state of mind and about your approach to life and the huddles it throws at you, especially in times of transition!