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National Association of Student Enterprise

Identify, inspire and champion the most impressive pool of enterprising students in Uganda. Helped launch and work in an ongoing Associate Capacity under Nile consulting

After supporting Managing the launch of NASE in 2015 in Kampala, we have continued to support NASE’s progress.

The National Association of Student Enterprises (NASE) is a social enterprise that focuses on facilitating entrepreneurship and enterprise skills in Vocational Colleges & Higher Education Institutions in Uganda. We were launched in December 2015 with support from Kingston University, London. Over the years, we have been in the process of building an ecosystem of cohesive skills and enterprise that supports and increases the capacity of students amongst all of Uganda’s Vocational Colleges and Higher Education Institutions to engage in innovative and entrepreneurial business development activities before they join the world of work.

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National Association of Student Enterprise




2015 – 2021